Frequently Asked Questions

What is pataPlace?

pataPlace is a site that offers online house hunting services/solutions to our customers. By providing detailed information, pictures and prices of vacant rentals and hostels around Kahawa and Juja area.

How does the pataPlace work?

At a small fee one can access detailed information on various vacant rentals like area code,  type of space available (bedsitter etc.), available service (water, security, parking space etc.) and contact number, this information will be accompanied by clear pictures of the house.

What is the mode of payment?

You pay using lipa na mpesa service.

How long am I allowed to access the site after payment?

You are allowed to view the vacancies for an average of 7  days after day of payment.

What is so special about pataPlace?

pataPlace is Unique since we make sure there is quality of service by ensuring that all listed vacant houses/hostels are up-to-date, clear quality pictures of the house and we make sure that there are variety of houses to view for different price range.

I am a land lord can I add a vacant rental space to your listing?

Yes, you can, our very professional team will assist and teach you on how to add the listing to the site.

As a potential tenant how is pataPlace valuable to me?

pataPlace helps you to house hunt at the comfort of your home, workplace or at a different county or location. We make sure that all pictures we post are clear and of quality hence what you see on the site is what you actually get.

Let's Find You Together the Place You Deserve